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Here’s what MN renters affected by COVID-19 need to know

Thanks to the tireless efforts of progressive members of congress like Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar, the federal eviction moratorium has been extended for most renters. This new eviction ban, enacted by the Biden administration, protects renters in the vast majority of U.S. counties. 

But what about in Minnesota?

Here’s what MN renters need to know…

Dates to remember

In counties experiencing “substantial” or “high” spread of COVID, renters are protected from eviction until October 3rd under the federal ban. 

But thanks to our progressive leaders, Minnesotans could already rest a little easier. Minnesota renters, regardless of county, still have time and options.

If you owe rent, qualify for rental assistance, and apply for rental assistance by October 12th, you may have until next year to get caught up on your rent payments. If you don’t qualify for rental assistance, you’re still protected from eviction until September 12th.

Resources for renters

Nobody should have to lose their home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why Minnesota leaders and organizations are working to help renters get back on track. 

RentHelpMN is open for applications, and can provide rent assistance to Minnesotans who are behind on rent and utilities. To apply, visit or call 211. Click here to learn more about who is eligible.

Minnesota’s Energy Assistance Program can also help Minnesotans with their heating and energy bills.

Know your rights

Between now and October 12, landlords MUST give renters 15 days notice before filing an eviction for nonpayment. This law applies even if you don’t qualify for rental assistance.

If you think your landlord may be breaking the law, or if you want to find low-cost legal help, visit There, you can get answers to frequently asked questions about renters’ rights or contact an attorney. 

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