Where to get your COVID-19 Vaccine in MN

It pays to get vaccinated in Minnesota

Here in Minnesota, we look out for each other. That’s why, thanks to Governor Walz’s leadership, we’re leading the country in COVID-19 vaccine distribution. It’s why 61 percent of Minnesotans 12 and older have already received at least one dose. Because we do what we can to keep our neighbors safe. 

But if you need a little extra incentive to make that vaccine appointment, Minnesota’s got that now, too. 

Vaccines with perks

Today, Governor Walz announced that the first 100,000 Minnesotans to get vaccinated starting Memorial Day Weekend will be eligible to choose from a selection of very Minnesota giveaways. These incentives include state park permits, fishing licenses, and passes to Minnesota sports, fairs, and attractions.

Small rewards like these have worked in other states to get more vaccines in more arms. In Minnesota, they already help to get more of us to our preventative health screenings. Governor Walz set a goal to vaccinate 70% of Minnesotans over 16 by June 1st. If some of us need a little nudge to get there, that’s okay!

Make your appointment! 

Visit Minnesota’s vaccine connector to find out where and when you can get your COVID-19 vaccine. 

And while vaccines are an integral part of overcoming the pandemic, we’ve still got a lot of work to do to help our state rebuild. You can help. Visit this page to learn more about how progressives’ plan for COVID recovery compares to the conservatives’ inaction. And then sign up to help us hold conservatives accountable.

Together, we’ll work toward a better, healthier, more prosperous Minnesota.