Minnesota is one step closer to beating COVID-19

Minnesota is one step closer to beating COVID-19

Minnesota is one step closer to beating COVID-19.

As we start to move into the warmer months, and the days start to get longer, we’re eyeing all of the classic Minnesota get-togethers we’ve missed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And any ability to get out and enjoy summer activities can be owed to Governor Tim Walz’s leadership during this crisis.

Over two million Minnesotans are fully vaccinated

As of May 5th, over two million Minnesotans have been vaccinated at sites around the state. And 45% of Minnesotans over the age of 16 have now been fully vaccinated. This is a major step in our state’s ability to begin reopening. 

Here’s what’s next for reopening Minnesota

In Governor Walz’s press conference today, he announced that Minnesotans can start to get together more as our vaccine numbers continue to climb upwards. We can now dial back some of the protections that were in place as we continue to lead the country in getting vaccinated.

By May 7th, Governor Walz will ease limits and distancing on outdoor gatherings of fewer than 500 people. Face masks won’t be required for gatherings outdoors with fewer than 500 people. So, you can begin to plan that family reunion (don’t forget the matching shirts!). We can also look forward to increased indoor capacity. The mandatory closing times for bars and restaurants will also end.

By May 28th, outdoor limits and indoor activity curbs will end. Face masks will be required indoors and for outdoor events that have over 500 people. Businesses will be free to set their own rules to keep their employees and customers safe.

By July 1, Governor Walz will end the mask mandate. This date can be easily pushed up if 70% of Minnesotans over the age of 16 have gotten at least one dose of the COVID vaccine before then. 

I think we’re all looking forward to a fun summer enjoying all that Minnesota has to offer. Thanks to Governor Walz, we’re on track to do just that. 

Do your part by getting your vaccine (and reminding your friends and family to get theirs too)! You can make a vaccine appointment at a Community Vaccination Program at VaccineConnector.mn.gov or use the Find Vaccine Locations map to locate a provider near you.