A Better COVID Recovery
A Better COVID Recovery

It's time to invest in our recovery.

The pandemic impacted us all,

but it didn’t impact us all equally. It has hit our small businesses and working families especially hard.

Many working families who can’t login and work from home lost everything. Women, people of color, and lower-wage workers like those in the service industry have suffered record job loss, hunger, and housing uncertainty.

Many small businesses have made huge sacrifices to protect their communities and help save lives.

Over 70% of MN small businesses

experienced a negative impact on their business because of the pandemic.


those with the most resources like the wealthiest Minnesotans and large businesses have seen increasing profits and positive gains during the pandemic.

During the pandemic...

General Mills made $17.6 billion in profit.

UnitedHealth Group doubled their profits to $6.6 billion.

Best Buy’s revenue increased to $16.9 billion.

As we work to rebuild

from the COVID-19 pandemic, our elected leaders need to invest in our recovery. They need to support working families and small businesses who have been hit the hardest. And they need to ask the wealthiest Minnesotans and large, profitable businesses to pay their fair share.

But instead of investing in our recovery, conservatives want to slash programs. And they want to shortchange our communities.

Together, we can hold conservatives accountable. We can invest in the future. And we can make sure that Minnesota emerges from this crisis stronger than before.